blocked. unfriended. unfollowed.

I posted a recently about a former friend, and even though we don’t talk regularly, her complete disconnect from me still caught me by surprise.

I posed my engagement on Facebook as a Life Event. I didn’t post any pictures or anything when it happened. Understand, my engagement happened the day before we got married. I mean, she asked if I would marry her “tomorrow.” The engagement was a formality. It’s a long story that I’m sure I’ll tell you one day. It’s my wife’s story to tell. Maybe I can convince her to write a post.

Anyway, on our wedding day, I posted a picture of Bae on one knee on Instagram, noting that we were getting married that day.

That morning, I noticed my former friend react to the Facebook post and then like the Instagram post immediately after that. You could tell she went from Facebook directly to my Instagram to see if I had posted. It was my wedding day. A lot was happening, and social media was not my priority. I was too busy reacting with tears to the people that took the time out of their day to help me make fresh tears…and a cotton candy bouquet.

Well, this past Friday, Bae asks about this friend. I can’t remember what the context was, but I went to Facebook, searched for her name, and nothing… I went to IG, couldn’t find her there either, but I knew what posts she’d left comments under, and I clicked on her name. Her profile comes up, but it’s empty, with a message about the user not existing.

I laughed like a deep down from the depths of my stomach type of laugh. Petty and juvenile, I know, but it’s what I was feeling at that moment.

I hope that her actions benefit her in some way. If seeing my social media hurt her, then I’m glad she did what she needed to do for herself. If this was the first step to her healing, I approve. If seeing my three posts a year caused her mental anguish, she absolutely did what was best for her.

However, if she did this because she’s mad, she needs to grow the fuck up.