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I posted a recently about a former friend, and even though we don’t talk regularly, her complete disconnect from me still caught me by surprise.

I posed my engagement on Facebook as a Life Event. I didn’t post any pictures or anything when it happened. Understand, my engagement happened the day before we got married. I mean, she asked if I would marry her “tomorrow.” The engagement was a formality. It’s a long story that I’m sure I’ll tell you one day. It’s my wife’s story to tell. Maybe I can convince her to write a post.

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I’m knee deep in wedding planning. We booked the venue the same week my wedding dress arrived. It’s not THE dress thanks to an error with the store, but I digress…

While working on the guest list, I had to really think about who I wanted around me on our special day. Bae and I both have a lot of family, and we know that our marriage won’t please them all, so we left most of them off the guest list. Even if they all approved, inviting them all would at least triple our guest list. Since we’re not those people that have parents to pay for our wedding, that’s a strong no.

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When I lived in the country in South Carolina, small frogs and lizards used to make it into the house regularly. I am not a friend to things that are slimy, green and/or jump, so I would squeal while trying to find something to trap them in until I could get someone to do something–anything– with them. That usually meant they were trapped under a coffee cup.

I’m not so cruel that I wanted the creeps to suffocate, so I googled for ideas to repel them. Several sits mentioned cats repel the critters, so we got a kitten. 

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