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I connected with a woman that called herself the Flying Mermaid during the days when Myspace was the social platform. She had life experience, and she drew a crowd with her ability to weave a tale. We interacted a lot, and our lives because further intertwined when she visited and stayed with me for a bit. I thought of her as a second mother. The irony is that she and my mother were born a few days apart.

Emily, also known as the Flying Mermaid, is a free spirit. She moves throughout the world in a way I would never consider—her movements encouraged by the privileges I didn’t inherit. For me, it’s like seeing the world through someone else’s eyes.

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I used to be a runner. In another life. Or rather, a couple of years ago. 

I am not a natural athlete. I played no sports in high school or college. I have repeatedly said, “I’m not running anywhere unless I’m being chased.” 

Then my late 30s hit and my metabolism slowed down. I started biking and running to maintain my size. At the time, I lived in an area where people were always out on the streets being active. There were trails close by, and it felt safe (and trendy).

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