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Lei Bleu made quick work of the walk from the metro to the center where she’d be doing her community service. She very aware of herself, her expensive designer sneakers, and her understated, but overpriced jewelry. This was the first time her expensive taste made her feel uncomfortable. The center was in an area she frequently avoided because she didn’t want to make herself a target.

She opened the door with apprehension, in search of someone in charge. She found Sarah Johnson with a clipboard in her hand and thick cat eyeglasses on her face. 

Reading time: 5 min

The driver of the red Corvette screeched to a stop in front of the restaurant and waited for the valet to open her car door. Justice admired how the street lights bounced off of her new sliver and white Hogan’s as she exited the car.

“I can’t believe you spent $400 on those sneakers,” CC complained.

“Why not? My feet deserve to be pampered. Some women like their heels, I like my sneakers.” She stuck her tongue out at her older brother as they entered the restaurant and were ushered immediately into a corner booth.

Reading time: 8 min

The alarm jarred Song Jackson out of a deep sleep. She hit her alarm clock with force, knocking a stack of bills to the unfinished hardwood floor. She swung her legs from her bed, her feet sliding into the awaiting slippers before she stretched her long lean muscles. She reached for her square-framed glasses, bent to her knees to reorder the bills by the due date, wrapped them in a rubber band and laid them on her nightstand.

She pulled her white cotton sheets tightly around the bed, tucking and folding them as her mother had taught her. Hospital corners. Pulling the worn gray comforter up, she fluffed her pillows.

Reading time: 6 min