I’ve been telling myself since the beginning of the year that I need to write. I love reading what I was doing at a specific time in my life. I like to say “remembering is hard” because it really is hard. I find it hard to remember details from a few days ago, so penning words about a random day can help remember the mood, the emotion, the thing that made that day special.

Only right now 2020 has made it one to remember…

I started the year sick. I fell ill at my friend’s wedding on New Year’s Eve. I lasted long enough to give my speech and it all went downhill from there. My throat kicked it off, but I wasn’t alarmed at it’s soreness. I get sore throats all the time. Then I got cold and put my big coat on. I blamed that on being seated close to the outside door. And then I started sweating, and then all of my energy left my body.

I hit the urgent care the next morning, the doc took a look at my symptoms and said I had the flu. He prescribed tamiflu, suggested some over the counter stuff and sent me along my way.

10 days later I’m still sick. I contact my regular doctor who tells me what I’m feeling is normal.

13 days later, I go into the doctor. I’m feeling ok, but I’m hacking up a lung. Doc tells me I probably didn’t have the flu which is why the meds didn’t seem to make me feel any better. He looks in my mouth at my throat. I’ve got strep throat. Another prescription.

15 days later, phone call from my doctor, actually I have a “resistant virus.” A different prescription.

Oh, I forgot to mention I started a web development bootcamp the last week in December… At this point, I reached out to them and asked for a refund.

I coughed into the first week of February.

I’ve been feeling like I’m playing catch up since I started feeling well again. Being isolated, having no energy, and coughing to the point of throwing up…It doesn’t feel good. The amount of hoops I had to jump through at work was crazy. I used all of my sick days, a few days of PTO, and I had to coordinate paperwork from my doctor and HR…And my paycheck still ended up short.

And then came March, and there are people dying from something that sounds a lot like what I had at the beginning of the year.

Reality check.